Our Italian Adventure – Venice

After months of reading Rick Steves, watching Stanley Tucci, and scouring the internet, our trip to Italy was finally here! We spent 15 nights in Italy – three nights in Venice, five nights in Florence, three nights in Siena, and four nights in Rome with our traveling companions Susan and Sarah. We used TripMasters toContinue reading “Our Italian Adventure – Venice”

Vino in Venice – Our Visit to Venissa Winery

I’m not going to lie – I have a crush on Stanley Tucci. It didn’t happen until I started watching his series “Searching for Italy”. While planning our trip to Italy, Tim, Sarah, Susan, and I watched the Venice episode, and decided at that time we were going to the Venissa Winery. If Stanley canContinue reading “Vino in Venice – Our Visit to Venissa Winery”