The “Ultimutt” Dog Party

September 25, 2020

Since Cookbook Club events were few and far between this year, I wanted to include something we did for our furry pals that our friends Jamie and Karen hosted. I mean who doesn’t love dogs?!?! And who doesn’t love a dog party?!?!

No cooking at this party … appetizers, pizza, and booze. And dog treats. And dog snuggles.

Randi, Otis, Bowie, and Huck looking for a place to poop.
Huck smiling for the camera.

Randi, Bowie, Otis, Jack, Huck, Blue, Oscar, and Brutus were there along were their parents. And although I don’t I have a pet, I consider myself a god-parent to all of my furry friends.

Oscar and Jamie

This was Jack’s first time socializing with the others, and he did great!

Jack under the chair, protecting his ball.

Pup-cakes for all puppies!

It was a great night hanging out with our human and furry friends.

Otis enjoying the fire.
Bowie and Karen

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