An Early Father’s Day Lunch With The ‘Rents

Technically, this does not fit the format or rules for Cookbook Club. But it was another gathering with a couple of fantastic recipes that I wanted to share, and did include half of the Cookbook Club.

This year we had to move up our Father’s Day Celebration since my mom is having surgery. One of my biggest takeaways from 2020 – do not take getting together with your family for granted!

I offered to host, and to keep it simple I decided to cook hamburgers on the grill. You can’t go wrong there! My only comment on this – key to a good burger is a toasted bun. Am I right?

My sister Dee is famous for her French Onion Dip – she gets asked to bring it everywhere. And it is the most delicious and addicting thing out there – I dream about this dip! Plus it comes from Ina Garten, who is THE QUEEN of entertaining! Pan-Fried Onion Dip

Dee is also famous for her baked beans, but she routinely spills them in her car when transporting to a party. So, I decided to take on the baked beans, even though there was a lot of pressure to make them as good as hers. I found this recipe for Katie Lee’s Peach, Bourbon and Bacon Baked Beans – I won’t say this recipe was as good as Dee’s, or that my family would even agree with me, but I personally loved it! I cooked it in the oven for much longer than the recipe stated, only because I like my beans to be thicker and not soupy.

The star of the meal was the dessert – Chocolate Raspberry Pavlova by Nigella Lawson. I have been wanting to make this recipe for years, and finally had the time and opportunity to make it. Plus, I put Nigella up there in the same category as Ina – wonderful, no fail recipes, and somebody you would like to have a cocktail with 🙂 I made it with strawberries since they were in season, and thought it turned out perfect.

I hope I pass on my love of cooking to my nieces 🙂

Every gathering feels extra special this year, and I can’t wait for our next party!

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Recently retired amateur cook, aspiring wino, and novice world traveler.

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