Please Pass the Jello Salad

Doing a 1950s-themed cocktail party has long been on Nancy’s list. And since Laura was the host and had the Betty Crocker Picture Cookbook, it seemed like the perfect time to do it!

Instead of a main entree, we decided to make several appetizers, a couple of salads, and dessert.

But first, the cocktail – we went old school with a Tom Collins. Very refreshing and easy to make, a perfect drink for anytime! There is also an interesting back story to the Tom Collins cocktail if you are in to that kind of thing.

Dee is still off alcohol, but she found an interesting non-alcoholic wine from Gruvi that she can enjoy in the mean time. It tastes so much like real wine that she almost didn’t believe there was no alcohol!

I was in charge of the salads, and of course one of them had to be a molded Jello salad. The first thing I think of when I think 50’s Dinner Party is a molded salad LOL … and there were many to choose from! I chose to make the Perfection Salad, which according to the cookbook is a “Molded version of an old church supper favorite from the Gay Nineties”. It was comprised of lemon Jello, salt, cabbage, celery, pimientos, and sweet pickles. The cookbook suggested serving it with a dressing of mayonnaise and tomatoes (I added some red wine vinegar and salt and pepper). Hmmmm ….

The consensus – it wasn’t too bad! Something like a palate cleanser … even so, I will not be making it again! LOL

My second salad was called Star Salad. From the cookbook – “Alternate wedges of lettuce and tomato in effective star design on large round chop plate. Garnish of lacy watercress or crispy endive.” I served it with Western Dressing, a favorite salad dressing of mine from way back when. It couldn’t have been easier!

So on to the appetizers! Dee volunteered to bring Shrimp Cocktail (from Robert’s Seafood – they have the best shrimp and cocktail sauce!) as well as the Cheese – Olive – Anchovy Spread with Ritz Crackers (of course!). Can’t go wrong here!

Nancy brought the Savory Mushroom Canapés and Peanut Butter and Bacon Canapés. Confession – we picked these out for her. They really liked their toasted bread in the 50’s! Oh, and mayonnaise! Anyway, these were both tasty options.

Laura made the Hot Cheese Puffs and Hot Crabmeat Puffs, and Miniature Pigs in Blankets. More toasted bread and mayo! And who doesn’t love a pig in a blanket??

For dessert Laura made Chocolate Frosted Brownies – all I can say is yum!

So, 1950’s Cocktail Party – Check! Please, no more Jello Salads 🙂

Guess who saw The Rolling Stones in St. Louis!

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