Our Italian Adventure – When in Rome

Rome at last! We took the Flixbus from Siena to Rome. It took us about three hours, but it was very relaxing. I know I nodded off a few times. We stayed at 9Hotel Cesari, which we chose because of its location between the Pantheon and Trevi Fountain. This is one of the hippest hotelsContinue reading “Our Italian Adventure – When in Rome”

Our Italian Adventure – Siena

On to my favorite city of our trip! After the bridges of Venice and the hustle and bustle of Florence, it was nice to stay in Siena. We took the train from Florence to Siena, and it was really quick – only about an hour and a half away. Siena is much smaller than Florence,Continue reading “Our Italian Adventure – Siena”

Our Italian Adventure – Florence

Off to Florence – the second city we were visiting on our Italian adventure. We took the train from Venice to Florence, and it was great! Super comfortable! Florence is Susan’s favorite place in the world, and we were so excited to be there with her. We stayed at the Hotel Pitti Palace al PonteContinue reading “Our Italian Adventure – Florence”

Vino in Florence – Our Visit to the Bibi Graetz Winery

Our friend Jacob really knows wine, and several months ago he had me try the Bibi Graetz Grilli, a wine made from cabernet and merlot grapes. “Grilli” means crickets in Italian, and in Florence to have “Grilli” means to be a dreamer. The label was beautiful, like a beautiful blue painting. It’s All About WineContinue reading “Vino in Florence – Our Visit to the Bibi Graetz Winery”

Our Italian Adventure – Venice

After months of reading Rick Steves, watching Stanley Tucci, and scouring the internet, our trip to Italy was finally here! We spent 15 nights in Italy – three nights in Venice, five nights in Florence, three nights in Siena, and four nights in Rome with our traveling companions Susan and Sarah. We used TripMasters toContinue reading “Our Italian Adventure – Venice”

Vino in Venice – Our Visit to Venissa Winery

I’m not going to lie – I have a crush on Stanley Tucci. It didn’t happen until I started watching his series “Searching for Italy”. While planning our trip to Italy, Tim, Sarah, Susan, and I watched the Venice episode, and decided at that time we were going to the Venissa Winery. If Stanley canContinue reading “Vino in Venice – Our Visit to Venissa Winery”

That Time We Visited The Land of Make “Belize”

We started planning our trip to Belize in the spring of 2021 … you all remember that time, full of hope, right after the COVID vaccines were made available? We were going to travel to Placencia with our good friends Jamie and Karen in October 2021 … and then came the COVID variants. So, weContinue reading “That Time We Visited The Land of Make “Belize””

Oh, Canada! Part 3 – Niagara Falls and Wine Country

When our Canadian friends Greg and Carol realized we were serious about coming up to Ontario for the Mariposa Folk Festival, they suggested we spend a few days in the Niagara Falls area on the way home. Not only would we see the falls, but this area is home to several wineries. Right up myContinue reading “Oh, Canada! Part 3 – Niagara Falls and Wine Country”

Big Chill Weekend in Kentucky

When I married Tim, I gained a whole new set of friends, who are like family, from his days at Northern Illinois University – the Mighty Huskies!! I met them all about 28 years ago at an NIU football game 🙂 In the ensuing years people have moved around the state and country, and whenContinue reading “Big Chill Weekend in Kentucky”

Gooooaaaaaallllll! U-S-A! U-S-A!

It’s kind of hard to believe that I had never been to Orlando – no Disney for this kid! But when the U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team announced they were playing Panama in Orlando, in what could be the match that put the U.S. in the World Cup, of course we were going! Tim hasContinue reading “Gooooaaaaaallllll! U-S-A! U-S-A!”