Our Italian Adventure – Florence

Off to Florence – the second city we were visiting on our Italian adventure. We took the train from Venice to Florence, and it was great! Super comfortable! Florence is Susan’s favorite place in the world, and we were so excited to be there with her. We stayed at the Hotel Pitti Palace al PonteContinue reading “Our Italian Adventure – Florence”

Vino in Florence – Our Visit to the Bibi Graetz Winery

Our friend Jacob really knows wine, and several months ago he had me try the Bibi Graetz Grilli, a wine made from cabernet and merlot grapes. “Grilli” means crickets in Italian, and in Florence to have “Grilli” means to be a dreamer. The label was beautiful, like a beautiful blue painting. It’s All About WineContinue reading “Vino in Florence – Our Visit to the Bibi Graetz Winery”